Wildlands4Liam, Bank Holiday Monday, 5th February

Wildlands will have a special day of hope, community, and adventure as they support one of our own, Liam Davoren, on his road to recovery. 

Liam is a cherished member of our Wildlands family, with many of his close friends also working here, so on Bank Holiday Monday 5th February, they will dedicate their park to the ‘Hope4Liam’ campaign. Every activity, every laugh, and every moment spent there will contribute to Liam’s journey to recovery. Everyone is invited to be part of this special day – whether you’re conquering the zip lines, navigating our challenge rooms, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of nature.

All proceeds from the day’s adventure activities will be donated to the Hope4Liam campaign, assisting with Liam’s medical expenses and recovery needs. For those who cannot join us in person, a special ‘Send Hope‘ option is available to contribute to his recovery by clicking here.

Let’s come together to show Liam and his family the strength of the Wildlands community. Your participation means more than just a day out – it’s a gesture of solidarity and support for Liam’s resilient spirit.

Let’s make Bank Holiday Monday, February 5th a day to remember – for adventure, for community, for Liam…. 

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